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Architect FAQs

Architects design and draw plans of buildings which are used in the construction industry. Architects also work on the restoration, conservation and renovation of existing buildings.


Architects ensure that the work is professionally done and that it meets the requirements of Building Control. Architects help to make sure the building is well-designed and realistic. An architect can also help you find the best builder for your work and can manage the project whilst keeping within your budget.

It is best to hire an architect as soon as you are ready to begin designing your construction project. The earlier the better! We are happy to provide rough estimates for the cost of your project and can provide some preliminary designs at the start of the process.

‘Always start with a drawing’ is our mantra.  Test and explore the site or building through rigorous analysis, then trust those drawings as the process of communicating the idea to the builder commences. Building work can commence at any time of the year in the UK, we can have wet summers and dry winters, so don’t delay your preparation for an ideal time of year. Another factor is finance, some projects may need to be completed for a specific deadline or in a certain amount of time.

You will have an initial meeting with us to discuss your requirements and make sure that you are choosing the right architect for the job. We will discuss your ideas, concepts and our experience in relation to them.


The right budget for the job depends on the scope of the project, the materials, and labour requirements amongst many other things. We can provide rough estimates for the cost of your project and will keep within budget when drawing up the designs.

After the initial meeting we will be in touch to make sure that you are fully satisfied. We will then develop a client brief including drawings from your ideas and concepts including information about budget and timescale.


This depends on the size of the project and how long it takes for the client to make decisions, amongst other things. After our initial meeting an timeframe can be  outlined.


Once we have completed the Technical Design and tendered the work to find a contractor we would establish a contract between the client and the contractor.

We will help to guide you through this process. We will draw up the plans based on council guidelines and organise any paperwork and arrangements for the construction project.


The Design Team should be established as soon as possible to avoid abortive work.

If necessary, early on in the process, we sometimes take advice from a builder we are working with or whom we know has produced similar work for us. Having access to their practical construction expertise can save time and money later on in the process.

However, when it comes to asking for quotations for building work it is best to do this after RIBA Stage 4 Technical Design. The drawings produced at Stage 3, which we submit for Planning consent, are not detailed enough to allow a builder to produce a firm and detailed quotation for work. You may be able to seek an idea of the likely budget required but this should only be treated as a rough guide of cost.

It is worth noting, as a building industry standard, builders generally quote work exclusive of VAT.

Builder FAQs

Yes, we work with contractors and have our own contacts with whom we have worked with successfully over the past decade. However, if a client has a contractor they would like to work with then we are happy to meet new people and carry out some due diligence on their firm.

As we competitively tender most of our work to contractors we would have knowledge of their costs prior to commencing the construction work. The contractor would be able to provide a fixed price for their work, in accordance with the Technical Design drawings. In order to control the costs of the building work we would establish a standard Building Contract and administer the work throughout the period of construction. Our clients pay for the contractor’s work in arrears and with a small retention of the money owing in order to ensure that they are not left ‘out of pocket’ if something goes wrong.

Yes, these are available upon request.

Interior designer FAQs

Interior designers make inside spaces safe and functional whilst also making sure that it is they are beautifully decorated.

Yes, we work with interior designers and have our own contacts or we can work with a client’s contact. However, we have a preference for working with interior designers that can produce their own design drawings on computer.

We will always ask you to provide us with a budget to work with. Once we have that figure we work alongside interior designers and contractors to make sure the project stays within that budget whilst also maximising its potential.

Yes, these are available upon request.


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