Happy New Year from Malone Architecture

2021 has been a very successful year for Malone Architecture. While turmoil still exists in the world around us, the building industry has continued unperturbed through uncertainty of the supply of building materials and increasing costs. We have three large projects on site one in Wimbledon Village, one in West Wimbledon and one on Kingston Hill each has been affected by these challenges and we have had to be flexible with our design and specification of some materials and certain products.

Changes here in 2021 have been the construction of our new studio which is proving a great success. Sitting here now on a cold winter day we have created a quiet, warm and productive space. We are looking forward to updating our furniture in the coming year with new bookshelves, cupboards and sit-stand desks. With additional space, the office drawing board can now be a permanent feature rather than folding it away after each burst of creativity.

Throughout the year Barry and I have undertaken regular training in our quest to become a ‘greener’ architectural practice. We will be expanding on this in 2022 by providing sustainability audits for home and business owners. Armed with this information they will be able to make decisions on where best to spend their money on their property to reduce running costs and improve their environment.

Our existing workload, a diverse range of residential projects, is keeping both Barry and I fully occupied. Business Clan have continued to support us throughout this year with their accountancy and marketing services. Their work has created a steady stream of new enquiries, generated by our new website and regular marketing campaigns on social media channels, which provides us with increasing confidence and we will look to expand our team in 2022.

We have enjoyed posting regular updates on each of our projects and receiving comments from our friends, family, colleagues and clients. It is wonderful to receive this feedback and to be able to keep in touch with people we may not have seen for some time. In 2022 we will be keeping our social media messaging engaging, positive and up-lifting!

Happy New Year to you and your family!


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