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There is no doubt that the world has undergone an enormous change over the past few months and that the effect the pandemic is having on how we live is set to be long lasting. We have all had to adapt to a new way of living where our needs are more home-centric. Our homes have become our workplaces, schools, playgrounds, gyms and even our staycation venues – effectively becoming multi-functional spaces where we live our lives almost entirely.

While the levels of uncertainty and upheaval we have all experienced in 2020 make it hard to see a positive, it does give us a chance to reset and adapt how we relate to our homes and each other. If you are looking to transform your home to reflect your new way of living, be it a renovation, refurbishment, extension or maybe a completely new start in a brand new home in 2021, take a look at our Malone Architecture Lookbook to view a collection of design photographs and sketches to get you inspired.

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