Steel is in and the kitchen extension and gym walls are up

2021 is a year for making big changes in the way we do things here at Malone Architecture. Our New Year’s Resolution is to drive a sustainability agenda for our clients by reducing household emissions, improving internal and external environments and in turn reducing running costs on both new-build and refurbishment projects. It just makes good sense to touch the earth lightly and leave it in a good state for the next generation.

Here are a few words from Malone Architecture Director, Keith Malone on reducing waste and the year ahead:

“2020 has been a year to we all wished had never happened but one we will never forget. I remember power-cuts and teachers’ strikes from my own childhood. Both of which have lasted long in my memory and may have shaped my outlook on life in some way. For me, the dramatic drop in pollution during the world-wide lockdown periods was an eye-opener and there are certainly steps we can all take at home to improve on this. If each and every one of us can make changes in our own little way, then together we can make a difference.

For me, with the focus now on home life, one of the most interesting (and positive) outcomes from the pandemic is how we have reduced or even rid ourselves of our daily commute and have successfully adapted to working from home. I for one would really love to see this new way of working continue no matter the type or size or business or the home environment.

My personal dislike of filling our recycling bins each week for collection – I can’t believe the amount of pointless waste we produce – has had me thinking about what we do on our building sites. Skip-loads of packaging and waste materials are regularly taken for recycling. It’s great that there are plenty of recycling services for construction in this day and age, but I think we can do better by packaging materials and products in a different way. From the shape of what we design to the materials we build with and the heating systems we install, each and every element of a construction project can be analysed and made leaner and ‘greener’ – leading to sustainability, longevity and a clearer conscience. We aim to open up these discussions with our clients earlier in the design process during the year ahead because, as a result of 2020, the message about the benefits, both personally and globally, of living a more sustainable life might finally be getting through!

And finally, I sincerely hope that the younger generation who have lived through the Covid-19 pandemic will look on nature and our planet as something we have to live alongside rather than consume entirely. There is growing talk of another ‘roaring 20’s’ after our confinement is over – let’s hope they enjoy every last minute of it… in a considerate way!”

Happy New Year to you and your family!

Best wishes,

Keith and the Malone Team

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