Consult an Architect to Avoid Costly Mistakes When Looking to Buy a Property

“I would highly recommend using the services of a good local architect, well versed in local planning law, at an early stage of the house buying process.”

Stephen Ashby, Associate Director, Hawes & Co

Estate agents recommend consulting with an architect in the early stages of the purchase process.

Having worked closely with various Estate Agents in the SW London area, here at Malone Architecture we strongly support their belief that house buyers should consult architects at an early stage of their purchase for several important reasons as detailed below.

We also spoke to Daniel Archer from EXP, an independent property agent, and Stephen Ashby, an Associate Director from the Wimbledon Village branch of Hawes & Co, about some of the compelling perspectives on why this collaboration is valuable:

1. Understanding Property Potential

An architect can provide invaluable insights into the potential of a property. They can assess the property’s structural integrity, identify any potential issues, and suggest renovation or remodelling possibilities that align with the buyer’s preferences and lifestyle. This knowledge can help buyers make informed decisions and envision the property’s true potential before making a purchase.

“Imagination and creativity are needed when looking to realise the potential of a property. An estate agent wants to build the dream of the idea in the mind of a buyer. An architect can help realise and visualise these conceptual ideas in a captivating way. This is extremely helpful to agents trying to promote the unseen benefits of a larger plot to create a larger home or perhaps the development potential of a property.”

Daniel Archer – Director – eXp Realty

2. Customisation and Personalisation

Conversely, it is important to establish how you like to live and use your home before you start discussions with an architect. Too many homeowners rush into making layout decisions and don’t pay enough attention to their lifestyle first.

This leads to constant layout changes which are far from ideal when you’re submitting a planning application and need to get it right first time. Plus, it can compromise the overall look which could leave you regretting your choices.

Rather than immediately thinking about adding space, clarify your needs to determine how the space can enhance your life and go from there. Your renovation project should be geared to giving you a better home, in terms of functionality, as well as adding value to your property.

3. Budget Planning

Architects can help buyers establish a realistic budget for their property-related projects. By getting a clear idea of the potential costs of renovations or improvements, buyers can make informed financial decisions and negotiate the property’s purchase price accordingly. This helps buyers avoid making unrealistic plans or underestimating the financial implications of their vision.

4. Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Buying a property without consulting an architect can lead to unforeseen problems and costly mistakes down the line. These issues may arise during renovation or remodelling work, leading to extra expenses and potential delays in moving into the new property. Architects can help buyers anticipate and avoid these pitfalls, ensuring a smoother buying process.

“Engaging or consulting with an architect who has comprehensive ideas and listens to their client is vitally important when it comes to avoiding mistakes, establishing a realistic budget and producing a custom design which will ultimately add value to the re-sale.”

Stephen Ashby, Associate Director, Hawes & Co

5. Overcoming Building Regulations

Architects are well-versed in local building regulations. Consulting an architect early on can help buyers understand any restrictions on property use, potential building limitations, and other legal considerations that may affect their plans for the property.

6. Realistic Investment Evaluation

For buyers considering properties with significant renovation potential, architects can provide a realistic assessment of the investment required for the improvements. This evaluation is crucial in determining whether the purchase aligns with the buyer’s overall financial goals and investment strategy.

7. Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Options

With growing environmental awareness, buyers may be interested in incorporating sustainable and energy-efficient features into their home. Architects can guide them on eco-friendly design choices that not only benefit the environment but also lead to long-term cost savings.

8. Enhancing Property Value

Even if buyers are not planning to sell the property immediately, considering the potential resale value is crucial. Architects can advise on improvements that may enhance the property’s value over time, helping buyers make informed investment decisions. Whether it’s creating an open floor plan, adding energy-efficient features, or improving the curb appeal, these enhancements can increase the property’s resale value in the future.

“To realise the optimum value of a plot, buyers need to know if planning permission is likely to be an issue. An architect can quickly ascertain viability based on previous experience and knowledge. This information could prove to be invaluable, especially in the London market where vendors and buyers would benefit from being made aware of this amazing potential.”

Daniel Archer – Director – eXp Realty

In summary, consulting an architect at an early stage of the house buying process can be highly beneficial for prospective buyers. It empowers them with knowledge about the property’s potential and budget planning, helps them to explore various renovation options, and avoids costly mistakes. Ultimately, this collaboration can result in a property that better aligns with the buyer’s needs and maximises its value over time.

“I have long thought architects and estate agents should work more closely together as there are many areas where their combined knowledge would be valuable in the house buying and selling process.”

Daniel Archer – Director – eXp Realty

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